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Cross Country / Eventing (Militaire) / Racing colours
Red on right, white on left, and whatever crazy colour combination you want in the middle. (Isn't that how it goes?) Dress the horse first, then add the unmounted rider and add helmet colours and crash vests. If you just want to try out colours of riding apparel, you'll find another unmounted rider "model" down the page with the clothing selections, to save you having to scroll. IMPORTANT: To save your image, you need to do a screen capture. Read Instructions First!
Person? Yes - No
Tip: dress the horse first before adding the handler/rider.
Blue eye? [Blue Eye] [Dark eye]
Body colors:
[White] [Fleabitten Grey] [Black] [Blue Roan] [Smoky Black] [Grullo] [Silver] [Cremello] [Blonde] [Sooty Buckskin] [Bright Buckskin] [Buttermilk Buckskin] [Red Dun] [Gold] [Red Brown] [Sorrel] [Liver Chestnut] [Orangey Sorrel] [Chestnut] [Sorrel] [Bay] [Seal Brown] [Red Bay] [Bay Pangare] [Primitive Dun] [Gold Pangare] [Bay Roan] [Black Spot Leopard [Red Roan] [Red Roan] [Red Roan] [Amber Champagne] [Classic Champagne] [Varnish Appaloosa]
[White Mane] [White Mane] [Grey Mane] [Black Mane] [Blonde Mane] [Flax Mane] [Light Brown Mane] [Golden Streaked Mane] [Medium Brown Mane] [Brown Mane] [Dark Brown Mane] [Red Mane] [Russet Mane] [Mixed Mane] [Fjord Mane] [Remove Mane]
Braids: [Braided Black Mane] [Braided White Mane] [Braided Grey Mane] [Braided Brown Mane] [Braided Russet Mane] [Blonde Mane]
Long: [Long Black Mane] [Long White Mane] [Long Brown Mane] [Long Red Mane] [Blonde Mane]
[White Tail] [Ivory Tail] [Grey Tail] [Black Tail] [Blonde Tail] [Flax Tail] [Light Brown Tail] [Golden Streaked Tail] [Chestnut Tail] [Medium Brown Tail] [Brown Tail] [Dark Brown Tail] [Red Tail] [Russet Tail] [Mixed Tail] [Fjord Tail] [Remove Tail]
Tip: Remove mane/tail before repositioning white markings.
White markings:

[Fore Left Sock] [Fore Right Sock] [Hind Left Sock]

Ear Nets:

Choose a bridle and dress it up with a browband with crystal bling:

Saddle pads, dressage, schooling, all-purpose:

Trim, Bling, etc.

Halfpads and fleece

Saddles and girths:

Breast pieces:

Front boots (tendon, open-front, brushing), polo wraps, and tape:

Hind boots (fetlock, tendon, sports medicine), or polo wraps:

Overreach or bell boots:



Breeches and boots

Crash vest

Emblems, flags, and brands:

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